Why DCC Solutions?

In line with the so-called climate change mitigation focusing on sustainability, organic waste and green, renewable energy authorities across the EU will demand digital documentation and data trace from waste management companies.

DCC Solutions enable you to handle waste management, abide by EU directives, national government rules and international regulations in terms of registration, reporting, and secure data storage to let your company make a smooth transition to conquer the climate change mitigation challenge.

DCC Products

Android App

DCC App ensures automatisation of the documentation concerning waste collection, allowing you to save time and avoid the mistakes, which oftenly occur in relation to regular paperwork.


DCC Cloud makes it easy to create and forward routes as well as push data to existing systems. Key data is presented in a complete overview on desktop, tablet and smartphone.


DCC Report is the optimum tool to reach a healthy bottom-line, when you use data to streamline business operations. DCC Report collects data according to the latest regulatory requirements ensuring that you deliver correct reports.